Thursday, October 18, 2007

THETAWAVES :: Painting Daily

I started painting as a child in western Pennsylvania. My mother was an accomplished artist, and she sent me to formal art lessons at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. Because I learned to draw in that setting, among dinosaur skeletons, geological specimens, anthropological artifacts and classical Greek architecture, to name only a few, I always saw art and history and science as inseparable. At the "Tam O'Shanters" Carnegie Tech's children's art program, I was required to take notes from a formal lecture on one side of the paper, and do a color crayon drawing based on my notes on the other side. We had to perform well, or we were not invited back. Several times, I was asked to recreate my drawings "at easel" - on stage - as a recognition of my skill. In 1963, my parents moved the family to California, and I was disconnected from those lessons, but I continued to draw and paint. Eventually, I majored in art in college.

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