Tuesday, January 15, 2008

THETAWAVES :: Painting Daily

After the dotcom crash of 2001, I began to paint again...
My MA in painting never did come in very handy in Silicon Valley. I had always made a living as a technical artist. But after the dotcom crash, the jobs for technical artists appeared to be gone as well, so why not do what I had always wanted to do? Paint!
I had gone back to school in 1998 to study web design, because that's where all of the graphic design jobs were. By 1999 I was at Oracle doing HTML. But by 2001, the internet game appeared to be over. Every programmer on the planet was working on Y2K (remember?) and everyone else was building web pages. Then, 911 happened, and everything fell off a cliff. Now what? I thought I might as well do some paintings...

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