Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, Here I am again after almost two years at Symantec. I thought I was home safe, but here we are in another recession. Oh, yeah, they say it's over, but they said that after the last "jobless recovery" from the dotcom crash of 2001. Remember? Then 9/11 happened, and things got even worse. It took five years for the jobs to come back. So, now as before, I take refuge in my books and paintings, and try to keep up with the latest flavor of javascript. It's jQuery right now, and I am re-building my site for the 8th time in a new script. Don't anybody lecture me on "staying current", because I have been doing quite a bit of that for the past twenty years or more. Anyway, this blog started as a place to post my paintings, but I've decided to also put up some of my digital work. I love Photoshop!